The agricultural enterprise was founded in 2007 by Paul Shvets, a man really enamored with wine, who has 15 years of experience as a sommelier , and is a winner of many contests, restaurateur. He had an aim - to return to his native town Sevastopol and create an unique wine possessing its own character, and most Terroir . "The word Uppa" in Tatarian means "mother." On the other hand it is a name of a small river flowing near village Rodnoe situated 20 kilometers from the Sebastopol (in the direction of Yalta). The enterprise occupies 16 hectares of land (from which vineyards currently occupy - 7.1 ha) on the southern slope of Mount Zybuk Tepe at the height of 350-400 m above sea level 2 km to the north from Rodnoe. This beautiful quiet place was chosen not accidentally. The high slopes of the Chernorechenskaya valley, especially it's southern and south-eastern exposures are among the best places for creation of fresh and elegant, polyhedral fine wines with great potential for ripening. Planting stocks for agricultural enterprise have been cultivated in one of the best French nursery garden -Gouillaume in Burgundy. Specific clones of the graft and seeding stock and grafted rootstocks were selected for each site of the vineyard. Today, we have more than 11 varieties of grapes. Since the very first day we use exclusively biodynamic methods, carring out a large number of experiments constantly searching, learning to understan relationships.

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